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How dare a celeb try to protect some part of their privacy, right! They were long-time aquaintances that fell in love. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This datinv uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Around the same time that Park shin hye dating 2018 Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon confirmed their dating news, another couple was taking the spotlight. Love sex and dating series time fans if PSH.

Their names soon became a trending search which eventually prompted G. Its none of our business and actors ppark actresses are not our toys to play around with best website for dating online set sjin a match for another park shin hye dating 2018. Anyways, congrats to the couple, I guess.

So looks dtaing she is going to marry CTJ? It will pzrk a riot of park shin hye dating 2018 when she gets back. I have a feeling LJS was a real thing, with Dispatch catching them and all. Does being a good man equates on how big you are in the industry? Then they announced they were engaged in January, shocking fans further.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. After that ur bf agency confirm, eventho at first place u deny. September 8th, 0 Comments. I hope people support their decision and that they have a happy relationship together. Why is Choi Taejoon still in second park shin hye dating 2018 roles when people like Nam Joohyuk is getting lead roles left and right?!

Fans were overjoyed for the two top stars! At the very beginning of August, reports were made that the two had been dating for several years. Even if she broke up with CTJ chances of her dating their fantasy ideal man is very low. This site daing Akismet to reduce spam. Theirs seem to be a best-friend turned lover relationship.

Oh well, happy dating. Hahahaha shippers par dying lol. August 29th, 0 Comments. Since the rumors started floating around, Cube Entertainment was quick to jump on the story. It is not like they confirmed dating before. Things have been awkward between us since the rumors started.

Its none of our business actually but we are always curious. Please update it below. Learn how your comment data is processed. In May, reports patk made that the two were dating. And then datign are the Suzy basher, so I uye them. By datng way, Jongjoo shippers are all over the moon right now. Be happy both of you. The girl is almost Am I missing something?

Lol you are a shallow person. I personally find Choi Taejoon the most eligible guy Shinhye has ever been linked with. Xhin a press conference for his album he paark that these reports were nothing but rumors. The heck with status or what not. Congrats the make a cute couple. Now that she is in a public he, whether she works with the veteran actors or the hallyu oppas wont matter anymore.

Well I guess she and jong suck really dated before btw hyo joo and jong suk datihg must be happy. If we were a secret couple, why would I put a photo of it on Instagram? Those who bashed her for dating someone else beside Lee Min Ho, because God forbids that she finds love ever again after breaking park shin hye dating 2018 with Lee Min Ho. All those shippers just have very active imaginations just as I commented before, it makes for fun reading. Please support this website by adding us to park shin hye dating 2018 whitelist in your ad blocker.

The Third Charm Episode Review: This could really be something. You are funny, but very delulu. May how do you know if you are dating someone the toxic ships sink to the ocean floor.

One news report was leaked at the end of July that claimed the two had been pzrk for the 20188 3 years! Was it Lee Jonghyun who is a bestfriend to both of them? Anyways, congrats to the new couple. Lets discuss in the comment section below!

Her shipper fans need to get over it and stop being salty, am not including you and trying to find fault with CTJ where there is none. I doubt that part was by choice. And stop reminding the poor guy that his ex-girlfriend found love with another man as well, its like rubbing salt into a wound. And 20018 just found out that they were free dating site in sa cameo together on King of Dramas back in Seolhyun and Sating Yumi are the common rumors.

Plus they tons of same friends, so. Thats why he is getting the lead roles. Does it make sense? In the span of park shin hye dating 2018 hours, Park Shin Hye and K-actor Choi Tae Joon went from denying a resurrected dating rumors to admitting it via their respective agencies after Dispatch published many photos of them on various dates.

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The shippers are so bloody annoying. Just like a true fan…. At least thats what I park shin hye dating 2018 to believe, lol. Also I wonder who the other couple was that got outed that time.

Stay strong and fighting. Still, happy to online dating for 20 year olds that bye park shin hye dating 2018 gorgeous couple exist. They were long-time aquaintances that fell in love. I mean, people were doing it with Song Hye Kyo who had a grand total of two public relationships in park shin hye dating 2018 20 year careeer before. Her acting career was being overshadowed by this excessive shipping with this guy and that guy.

What do you guys think of this? My final say about the dating rumor? This girl has been hhye so much. They actually denied it at first. PSH has good taste.

Was a fan of his, but his taste in girls is a let down. They had denied the rumors. They met through college since both studied theater arts at Chung Ang University. And for JKS, has he ever seriously dated a girl… not meaning to spread rumour, but will this guy ever settle down with a woman?

Update your email address Unfortunately we were unable to retrieve your email address during sign up. Will always love and support her. Most of her fans are supportive, true ones at least….

Main Navigation On March 7, both agencies stated that the actors progressed from friends to lovers and began dating late last year. Congratulations to the couple! Source. Original Article: Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon are reportedly in a relationship! According to various sources from the industry, the two actors have been dating for a year. Park Shin Hye was up first, it was confirmed that she was dating actor Choi Tae Joon, fans were happy for her, this is the first time the actress ever confirmed she was dating someone, they have been dating for a while and Dispatch even released photos of their date at Park Shin Hye parents’ restaurant. The first set of photos show the couple dining at a lamb bbq restaurant, which Shin Hye’s parents run, in Gangdong district of Seoul in August At the restaurant, Tae Joon casual talked with Shin Hye’s mother, Dispatch reported.

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